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Heatwaves and dry white sand
 drifting in a desrt searching for the promised land
 don't know where I am
 vibrations in the stale air
 creating a mirage looking with a blank stare
 am I already there

 She came on like a wild rain storm
 all over me
 from the clear blue sky
 she hit me with a sweet suprise

 Celebrate the rain
 the sweet summer rain
 Celebrate the sweet summer rain

 Compelling weird feeling
 just like a strong urge tempting me to sin
 I'm giving in
 Bestial thirst and heat
 curving my instincts, salty turns into sweet
 It's all I need

 Wet whispers
 silent cries
 she's a devil in disguise
 Show me all the hidden delights
 let me taste your sweet love
 you sweet love