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One day we shall hear the call,
One day will unite us all
And the picture will be clear.

Can you agnize your satellites?
Can you discern your inner chold,
Until there's no more fear?

Can you believe what you feel?

The center of the great unknown
In the land beyond the pole we set our faith
Through the long night of the arctic
The center of the great unknown
In the sunshine of it's truth we shall be safe
As we'll ride the storm and lightning
of the great unknown

Walking on, towards the ghostly dawn,
Strange lights that dance my way
Magnetize my heart

Right at the point of no return,
Under the frozen tears of time
Creation veils are torn.

Are you prepared to be reborn?

Why, oh why can't we see
What's clouding our eyes that we just won't care?
We live, in darkness of mind,
Our spirit is numb but we must prepare.