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Al Boo Boo, shitting pooting farting
Doper than the dope that didn't get me started
Pi Vi Im very important
Im might morphan shake your law enforcement
Fortune, porches count my fortune
Foxy Nauts shirts bought straight from Nordstrom
Like king norton ill punch you lights out
Dre going to rap till they turn the lights out
Since I do it, like timothy blew it
Feds try to take me down like martha stewart
Im knocking jewish, chinese and black bitches
And if they breaded ill even goose fat bitches
I slap bitches, with my left hand
Cause they goin to sleep if I use my best hand
Fuck a best man, I ain't gettin married
Im a pimp till the day my coffins carried
And im berried Cutroat you know me
I dont call the cops, people call them on me
Im on e and all kinds of shit
Drunk at crumps house bustin rhyms and shit
Pill man in the black carpenter
Im in the place, no thizz face
Off a shot of the remmy and a purple kush 8th
No dates or hittin on base
I pull a? and steal home plate
So slick im watchin your bitch
Shes watch my shirt cause its gucci on the stitch
I love to get stuey for a bitch
And out side its revolutions on the benz
So the your mans hating, but they dont stress us
Sweat cause they know we pack techs and blast daily
Thizzlamic, Jesus and Bin laden
Feds watch us so we talk in pig laten
On metros and ho in select stoes
Rock stars but we still keep it ghetto
From the whips, to?
I ain't on thizz to night
I ain't on thizz to night
Im on yo bitch tonight
Im on YO bitch tonight
And shes tryna leave with me
And shes leavin with me
Me and black jesus mobbin with it
Beat the track up like we got a problem with it
She slob and hit it, the dick like a blunt
Ill admit it, the bitch ain't no punk
Thizzle got me hella pumped
Fuckin with a bitch that I ain't fucked in hella months
Somebody better tell the punk, I ain't for it
Say the wrong thing mayne youre paying for it
I can't ignore it, every time im out yall
Like three strike gotta put niggas out
About ya chicks with no cash
Id rather have one with some, and no ass
I ain't on thizz to night
I ain't on thizz to night
Im on yo bitch tonight
Im on YO bitch tonight
Man shes tryna leave with me
Man shes leavin with me