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Do you remember when we were
Going out for lifeguards
And snuck into the caves where
All the kids were smoking
And jeans were in our uniform
But not unless the calves were thin
And I will take a Polaroid
You will show me how to drink
Summertime, the hottest day
You remember, don’t you baby?
Paranoid, no subscription
You believed
I let you die

When you close your eyes
I don’t need protection
See those clouds arise
Wasn’t my intention

Lately I’m fucked up
But I don’t regret it
Feels like when we lay (?)
Couldn’t wear the […] (?)

Darkness falls away
Then it’s only golden
Where are we today?
Somewhere near our future
So it can be saved
At least it can be reckoned
Each time we come through
Darling, you will listen