Laying down my head
Yet sleep is not an option
With the weights that you've laid upon my chest
Wishing I could run
But you'd catch up anyway
And I'm gonna end up losing
No peace
No rest

Just stay Away
You're giving me the pills that I choke on
Look at the mess that you've made of me
I hope it all comes back and one day you will choke on this

Going back and forth in my general well being
Not sure what is right or should cause alarm
I can't figure out how it was to be normal
and I really wish you would stop counseling me

This isn't normal, right?
The conflict I keep inside
There's not much left of me
But only I can set me free

Not sure how I got here or how long it has been
But I'm starting to grow tired of these sterile walls
And there you sit at the foot of my bed
And no amount of treatment can make you disappear