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Will you walk with me
Beyond the road's turning,
Where Day takes the valley
That leads into Night?
Love will you walk with me
All through my journey
Or only till the light?

Believe me I need you
Don't think of leaving
This evening your love lights
My way to the dawn
Don't leave me here
Now you've got me believing
Tomorrow I'll wake newborn.

If you will love me as I love you
Who cares how dark the night may appear.
If you will love me as I love you
Then I will know no fear.

The signs on the road
Are there to mislead you
At times I misread them
Though I was so wise.

The turn of the road, my love
That's where I need you
Tears always blind my eyes.

Love, will you hold me
Through all my life's evenings?
Love, will you take the road
Right to the end?

I never had someone
I could believe in
Forever my lover my friend.