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I'm in trouble, 
Such beautiful trouble
And it's the most serious trouble I've had,
And I'm glad.
I have a most exciting heart palpitation
This situation
Is completely out of hand
And it's grand!

One day he's known me
And he wants to own me
I'm putting up a fight and hoping I lose.
My doctor made a wise prediction
He says this wonderful affliction
Was simply that beautiful trouble called love!

I try to be good, 

But it's hard to see good.
If love is blind, buster - hand me my cane,
Cuz it's plain
I'm in the most delicious new kind of danger
This perfect stranger 
Strikes before the iron is hot,
And why not?

No longer am I bored,
I'm on the high board
I took one look, and I'm ready to leap.
No time to even count to ten, kids
I'm shoutin' here we go again, kids
I'm in that beautiful trouble called love!