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Well I was raised on a little farm 
Off a dirt road on RD#3 
And once a week we'd go to town 
Just to see what there was there that was going down 
Then behind the barn watching trains go by 
Until the day I jumped up caught one on the fly 
Goodbye farm life 
This tow headed kid is city bound 

I came to town through yellow factory smog 
Slowly choking from the smoke 
Honking cars caused me to curse the skies 
As I picked those busted fender cinders from my eyes 
And twelve people knocked me off my feet 
And sent me helter-skelter through a garbage heap 
Then the street sweeper swept me up 
And dumped me on the road to the farm 

By the time I could walk back home 
Someone had paved that road 
And cleared the land for a hamburg stand 
And down the street they'd built a neat trailer camp 
A drive-in show, a home for mink 
A gu-gu golf course, and a roller rink 
Now they left me no choice but to go and dig a hole in the sand 

So here I am on the edge of land 
Looking towards the scummy sea 
The sky is filled with airplanes 
And power boats and yachts are coming dead at me 
In tractor trucks, campers, cars and buses 
People everywhere are caught in traffic rushes 
Running from the farm 
To the town to a hole in the ground 

Well I guess we finally done it 
We've gone and made a society 
That has just too much of everything 
But remember, use your liver