Bestial lustful killing spree 
The killer breed appears 
Inaudible screams from abattoir 
Ripsaw work in progress 

Thudding sound of pieces of meat hitting the floor 

Instrument made to dismember 
Methodical and deliberate 
Sadistic human butchery 

Involuntary gutted and disfigured 
Sill present consciousness 
Images of horror and torment 
Countless bodies bled white 
Tissue released from the subcutaneous fat 

History or immense truncation 
No alleviation for their suffering 
Repeated wrenched anatomy 
Accumulated body parts 

Limbs amputated as a keepsake 
Shredded corpses piled up high 

Life annulment genocide 
Sweeping footsteps on a pavement covered in blood 
Deranged humming and clinging of tools 

Decapitation mess 
Scattered brains 
Guttural fresh 
Strange lucidity 
Human plague redemption 
Depurate the world by manslaughter