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Did I sleep? Do I dream of cold, silent water
So deep and dark
And the wires are singing our song?
Our song

As we lay back and stared into cloudless skies
And the stars up there
The wires are singing our song
The wires are singing our song

Your face, now so plain, once was so lovely
A beautiful refrain, dust with stars
But your smile now in disguise became a flat line
And to never love again like you did before
Was all

Why go on with it, why go on with it?
Why, to let it flow, like water on snow?

I know what you want, what you are thinking
To drift beyond the pain and out of reach
To sit, be safe and warm inside your sorrow
And listen to the slow, slow morse tapping of the rain
But it says:

Why go on with it? Why go on with it?
Why to let it flow like water on snow?