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Heard it said, it's a stupid thing, everything that I follow through
Never got to our God, you see; abandoned with the taste of the new
And every time that whistle blows I'm stranded in my shoes

Get me back on board, pull me up with grace
Get me back on board, let me be embraced

'Cause even after all those words I want you for my own
Touch me when the sun comes up and tell me that we're home

We'll take a train to the graves again
That we can learn the value of life
Kick the snow with our shoe-heels; shivers give me a smile in the night
Hey, honest to goodness, girl
I'd kiss you with the lips of the Lord
But to be honest to goodness, I feel I have to wait for the word
And every time that whistle blows, I'm stranded in my shoes

'Cause I'm always, always trying to be the archetypal free
The strangest something went to sleep, I buckled at the knees
So here we go, digging through those dustbins, giving things new names