Is it my fault
What did I do wrong
I cant face it
I doesn't feel real
I was afraid to sleep the day you died
I didn't want to wake up
I want to lose myself
I want to become numb again
I want that day to be a dream
I can't face it
It doesn't feel real
I loved you like my own child
But I was barely with you a year
You were spunky and bright
You loved to be outside
You loved sweet things
And you loved to be wild
I cant face it
It doesn't feel real
Just the day before you were bright and Active
I didn't know you were sick
I didn't know you would die the next day
Why is the sun still shining
It reminds me of you
I can't face it
It doesn't feel real
You are gone
I'll cry when we bury you
I'll cry when I go by where you lived
I'll cry for a while
But I'll be fine