Every thought I know
returns in a haze
And every move I show
goes dark into a maze
And every move I see
steals shadows from light
While all the strength in me
refuses to fight

Everlong each movement stings
Each night a death knell rings
Everlong the daybreak brings
detachment from everything

Once freedom reigned
in the land of the fathers
But now I am shamed
misplace and guarded

I see the revelation
of their ways
to for ever and ever
press a boot upon each face

Now I'm locked away
all I have are dreams
accused for asking why
guilty for questioning schemes

And they use blame
to change the game

Still the world inside me
will not be erased
I'll transcend this madness
both in time and space

They deny our futures
for them there's none
in their final solution
they will regret what they've done

Born free birthright
birthright born free

Come into the process
Here it's safe and warm
Even in the coldest winter
we mesmerise and charm

The weak we find disgusting
they will do our deeds
enforce the laws we give them
to satisfy our greed

I look out my cell window towards my home
life was rich there but now with grief it's overgrown

I am defiant
I am violent
when you take away
everything I've known

Pure pressure
Peer censure
slandering your name
leaves those distraught
that you wish to tame

Peer pressure
Pure pressure
bow down and serve
builds the pressure
what you deserve

Every thought I know
returns returns
in a peaceful grace
And every mood I show
will still will still
be embraced

And every move I see
will be will be
a clarity of sight

While all the power in me
won't cease won't ever cease
to give up the fight