Now showing
New joc city, starring yung joc, a-t-l's most wanted
In an action packed movie about gunfights
Grinding, the ol' trap, and most of all, getting money

Oh you already know what it is folk
Hey folk, y'all niggaz watch out, dope boy's comin

Let me paint a picture, here's the backdrop
Niggaz on the block with a sock full of rocks
My intuition tells me, here come the cops
First nigga run, last nigga get knocked
A couple hours later when it's time to get funded
Ten percent of food stamps cost you fo' hundred
I had to use a alias cause i'm a most wanted
Now i'm back in the chevy on the pedal and i'm runnin

new joc city!
210, we have a visual on the subject
roger that
(five-oh nigga!) nigga i see 'em that's five-oh nigga
(oh shit!) nigga that's five-oh (run nigga!)

Now i gotta switch up cause my trap on fire
It's hot like the thermostat was set on high
I need another spot just to stash those pies
I'ma juice the first down hoe that rode by
I'ma tell ya like this, watch yourself bruh
The first time she get wrong it time to check her
Even though she lick me from my balls to my neck up
I gotta watch myself cause this could be a set up

the saga continues
baby see who the fuck who it is
i don't know!
you got, you got somebody comin over here?
nah, i mean, you know nobody comin this late
man, who the fuck is that man
them motherfuckers actin
like they tryin to get in though man - oh shit!

That's when the do' swang open like wham
Niggaz pointin choppers at me like uncle sam
Thankin to myself "what the fuck, god damn"
I sho' hop to god that this nigga chopper jam
I'm lookin at him crazy, i don't know what to tell him
He put the chopper to the back of my cerebellum
I tell him, the block's in that box on the flo'
But if you touch that bitch the whole house gon' explode

new joc city!
10 seconds 'til detenation
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, goodbye
this has been another bad boy south
block entertainment production
now showing in your local fucking hood