Thugger Thugger
Got my broadie London in this mothafucker man
I'm tell ya this beat, hard, this one hard as fuck, listen bro
I go up up and away
And I got old hunnids, they wrinkled like a Shar Pei
Plus I'm the realest nigga inside the A

And them boys in Atlanta they don't play yah
And them boys from Atlanta, tote them K's yeah
And them boys from Atlanta got bananas for these monkey niggas
I got plenty ammo for your family nigga
Ammo for these pussy mothafuckas
Run up I swear to God I want tears from your mother
Fuck nigga tripping I get prison and fuck your father up
I'm a tell em one the time, they ain't going farther
I'm doing numbers

I got bands in the bando
And I'm beating David Banner
And I'm smoking on cabana
Leanin movin slow as grandma
Motor runnin, spit them commas, now it's thunder
Count a hundred want a hunnid more that's hunger
Yeah baby, Thugger Thugger hungry, yes I'm hungry
Young Thugger got the munchies
All my diamonds come in yellow like a Funyon
Yeah all my gold made 'em sick and they can vomit
Pussy nigga know they can vomit
I'm growing green me and chi-chi, no pet
I'm chasing dreams, Free Meek Milly

I'm a tell em one time
I can read your mind
Pop, pop, pop, pop, then start ridin
Brand new 24's, bitch on climb
You's a busta, mothafucka rhymes
No Sticky fingers, no porcupine
Genius I'll chase the day
Wait, let me pick up his remains
Let them gators get their prey
Hold up hold up, wait