Thugga Thugga, babe
Say what up?
Free bars

I'm having sex with molly
Fuck a bodyguard
Duey Kartel gone guard my body
Cause I'm iced out
But this ho right here she's a real hottie
Make me fuck around and climb on the top rope like Scotty 2 Hotty
Powerbomb, baby
No actually these are powerbombs, baby
And I hope they make it so I can go and get me some baby
And she tries babe
My blunt stay like red babe
Try to rob, put some sight upon his head
That's a power bomb baby!
Ball everyday no set back
I tell her: whip this here, then go get that babe
And these niggas, they ain't hard they like wet crack babye
Treat his body like two bricks, just split that babe
On the old watch for new reason
Got a wear coat with my jewels like it's flu season
Just bought my son a blue coat
Like he was Four Seasons for no reason
But my whole crew is obese
And grab me and just gave me sixteen bars on the track but I know he teasin'
But I'm Thug!

In a brand new whip, it's just me my friend
Look out the corner of my eye, I'm thinking again
Bonjour, 'ey, Bonjour, my friend
I, I'll kill a nigga for you cause you're like my kin!
Where they at? CRE and Young Thugga with where they at?
I see, where they at, CRE and Young Thugga, but where they at?