Got the You know what inside (Im Tellin' Ya)
betcha' I let the whole clip ride (Im Tellin' Ya)
Got the swisher Sweets all rolled up (Im Tellin' Ya)
Keep some Grey Goose in my cup (Im Tellin' Ya)
Got the You know what outside (Im Tellin' Ya)
22's on my ride (Im Tellin' Ya)
And da folks lay in my trap (Im Tellin' Ya)
Keep dem hollow tips in my strap (Im Tellin' Ya)
To G or not to G thats the question
AR 15, yea thats for bustin'
Triple beam scale you know thats for hustlin'
hundred kt's on my wrist, aww thats for nuthin'
Open up ya ears lemme tell ya somethin'
Get cha change together lemme sell ya somethin'
Outta town UPS yea ill mail u somethin'
Ill fuck around a in front a nigga bail or somethin'
im all iced out baby aint i cold
Ice in everythin' im spoutin' so i guess im frozin'
feds keep takin' pictures so i guess im posin'
streets still love a nigga so i guess im chosen'
Mr 17-5, blow purp while i drive
I ease thru traffic, i breeze thru traffic
Top down, such a mufuckin' star
It cost a buck fifty such a mufuckin' car
And dont mind me i make it do what it does
'N' if i said it fuck nigga thats exactly what it does
im such a hard worker i work hard with the hard work
Im such a hard worker i work hard with the soft work
You niggas muffdivers, cat goccha tongue
You pussy whippd nigga ya the cat goccha sprung
Jus because nigga jus incase
I keep sumthin on my hip to air out da place