Can't see, though my sight is clear
A weakened state of mind
Disgusted, is this who we are?
This wicked kind of lust

How can you deny?
Why can't I just die?

My twisted heart is beating slower
This time my sins won't matter
Innocence won't be here anymore

Trapped inside this tainted soul
so colorless of sin
All this time I've listened to this
deceiving voice within

Take this grief
Bury me

How far will I go
to fill this deep hole?

In all the shadows of the world
I keep on living
Born to prey on the innocence inside

This time my lust is taking over
Inside this hollow body
My own sins won't ever seem to end
My poisoned heart is crying faintly
I hope that light will find me
I can't seem to find it anymore

Innocence harassed by filthy minds