If you ever get the feelin' that I'm lovin' you too much
And think sometimes I'm comin' on too strong
Like when we're in a crowd and I reach to feel your touch
And give you that look of love me all night long

If I should say I love you when you've got friends around
And if by chance it should embarrass you
Remember when it happens I just can't help myself
Don't let my way of lovin' bring you down
Mmm that's just the way I am

That's just the way I am
And I guess that's just the way
I'll always be when it comes to you
That's just the way it is
When someone loves someone as much as I love you
And I love you

So if ever there's a time my love starts chokin' you
Remember if it does it's just my wanting you
Turn my head around ah slow me down
Till I can get my feet back on the ground
Mmm that's just the way I am