He was pushin' seven an I was barely five
When he rode up on his broomstick horse and said you wanna ride
His boots made a funny sound they were his daddy's size
His hat kept slippin' down below his eyes

We rode off in the sunset, down the sidewalk
I laughed at him every time he talked
His two front teeth were missin' but he had the cutest smile
And I thank the cowboy for the ride

He was seventeen the next time he showed up
And I had never seen inside a pick-up truck
Ah he was tall and handsome smilin' cuter than before
And he'd grown up to fit the boots he wore

We rode off in the sunset down the highway
We took our time gettin' home the back way
Later on in the front porch swing he pulled me to his side
And I thank the cowboy for the ride

Well he'd loved me since a child and I'd always felt the same
So we settled down and hitched our dreams together
We raised two broomstick cowboys and one little cowboy girl
To know God paints the sunsets of the world

Well he's almost sixty-seven ha ha I admit to thirty-nine
He loves me like a child and I still feel the same
But he smiles a little slower at the twinkle in my eyes
But we still saddle up from time to time

We ride off in the sunset in the evenin's
Stars as bright as if we've never seen them
I never fail to say before I go to sleep at night
I love you cowboy thank you for the ride
I love you cowboy thank you for the ride