Cave-o-sapien - 
you were made for breaking of my back. 
As I carried you past quiet houses, 
kicking through the roses in the yard, I spied 
the wildflower kisses on your neck - saw the garden 
had been trampled past repair. 

Oh, Cave-o-sapien. 

You look like the sunrise! 
- purple, lemon, baby-blue and gold - 
but I knew it sounded bad when you said NO REGRETS 
and then said nothing more. 
And while you;re leaning deep into the smoke 
of those sticks 
you keep rubbing together, 
I keep thinking about how bad it's gonna burn, 
and all the people I loved, back home, 
who I loved, and love, 
that you turned on. 
People just offering shelter from the wind. 
So bow your head into the wind, 
my Cave-o-sapien. 

I had a vision of a gorilla, 
and he was a killer, 
A killer! 

in fields of stone, 
you're not the sunrise, 
you're just alone. 

But I've got you, until you're gone