The oceans roll over the nocturnal landscape
Drenching the corpse-filled ground
Draining the last sap out of the skyclad earth
Plague and hailstorms abound
The boreal sky burns in the sign of pentacle
The arrival of the Ones
The trumpets celebrate the Apollyon's warriors
The Apocalypse has begun

The four warriors ride on dragons through the eerie night
Bringing the True Ones mirth and to christendom blight

The Harbingers of Metal
Heavens burn before their might
The Harbingers of Metal
Resume the ancient Metal pride

The destruction of the ark of covenant
A wormwood to god
The enigma of the fallacious cabal solved
Eden drowning in blood
With the whore of Babylon the four sip
The fierce wine of her fornication
The books of St. Augustine were burned
By the Metal conflagration