Uh, smoke weed everyday

Young niggas get rich
Rich niggas gon' ball
Y'all niggas ask prices
My niggas buy it all
Rockin' shit that's foreign
Driving brand new cars
Youngest nigga in charge
Now your bitch at large
Hol up, what they sayin'
OG Kush in my plane
Diamonds all in my chain
Young nigga doin' his thing
Young nigga gon' stunt
Buy whatever he want
My section very important
Came through the back, not the front (ooh!)
Smokin' and flying
No drinking and driving
I ball till I fall
Got no need for retiring
Y'all niggas stessed out
My niggas just chillin'
Young niggas in the building
Young niggas get millions

And I want to celebrate
Celebrate livin'
I could've been dead
I could've been in prison
So I'ma celebrate
Celebrate ballin'
Back then I had no phone
Now all these bitches callin'
Smoke, drink, blow checks
Rolex, more sex
Cause I can afford it
I fucked around and just bought it
So I want to celebrate
Celebrate livin'
Celebrate livin'
Look how we livin'

Rich niggas go hard
Never wanna be broke
Broke niggas just hate
Never wanna be rich
Rich niggas buy it all
Buy it all for the click
Buy it all for my dawgs
You buy it all for a bitch
Broke niggas be jokin'
Little niggas need coaching
Them bottles ain't even open
Homie, that ain't the shit
My chain shit on your car
My rolex fucked your bitch
My chain shit on your car
My rolex fucked your bitch
Just came home from tour
Half a mill when I'm bored
Y'all niggas can't afford it
Rich niggas want more
Y'all niggas tapped out
Rich niggas want more
Bitch nigga I'm ballin'
Rich nigga, Mike Jordan