Push out the voltage, keep up the squeeze
Give me the credit, with interest please
I'm here to borrow, I'm here to lend
I'm here to save and I'm here to spend

Footsi footsi

The numbers travel, in electric trade
Men are broken, men are made
Cash and carry, dollars and yen
The world is bent then round again.

If you believe in give and take
And all the things that you can make
In between the ins and outs
Channelled life without a doubt

Give me the money, you listen I care
Guilt edged horizons, are under repair
I'm in the market, I'm in the chair
I've got a target, and I want my share

Leisure and plastic, and medical mines
Mace and Chanel, breweries and wine
Public order, a coin of two sides
I'm read to choose and I'm ready to fire