Are you off? Are you on?
Arriving, staying, gone
Do you flow? What's your line?
Do you separate, mix, or combine?
What's your output? How's your growth?
Was your statement sworn under oath?

We're milling through the grinder, we're grinding through the mill
If this is not an exercise, could it be a...

Are you hollow? Do you ring?
Keep, save, sent, or pray?
What's your cost? Where will it end?
Do you parry, fate, or pretend?
Are you impressed? Are you in awe?
Is your goose cooked or raw?

Are you loyal? Are you proud?
Is your silence painful or loud?
Where's your grip? Do you slide?
Recover, charge, and hide
What's your quote? Do you vote?
Do you turn, or does your coat?
Are you spare? Have you a part?
Is there a finish, a middle, or start?