The time is here
The time is now
No more jewellery I said it on Pow
I ain't gonna fool myself when I know what I'm worth
Got a view like Simon Cowell
So I gotta fly
More than ready
I could have a song rotation heavy
You could be the one that people don't know just yet
Or they ain't seen a show just yet
I'll show 'em when I rise above the new bar, no stress
100% no less, I'm a titan
I got a following London to Brighton
Good fans or bad fans I've never liked 'em
They wanna hype up all day long
When none of them are worth me hyping
I'm gonna ignore them, I've decided
None of them ain't done the work that I did

I always try to follow in the steps of a wise man
And his words
Can't make no more mistakes

I'm just recording an album
When I do tracks I like I can't doubt 'em
Follow the words of a wise man
When I work with artists still shout 'em
Don't wanna work then I ain't gonna hound 'em
Lost my Dre headphones then I found 'em
Obstacles when I rise get round 'em
That's why I made two albums
Cause I got two fan bases, not just one
Watch when I rise with the sun
And the morning comes
When I'm at peace with myself
Got my AC's heavy like a tonne
Over the hill is where I wanna be
If I don't try I'm never gonna see
A wise man once said to me
"If you don't stick to your path you're never gonna be"
Never gonna be...

You don't owe me nothing
I don't owe you either
I got style that's golden, like a retriever
I time-travel and make you a believer
Yeah, I'm a big achiever
MC's pulling at my arm like a lever
I don't wanna moan like a diva
But it's me, coming through the speaker
Loud and clear, I smoke the reefer
Zoning out, Wiz Khalifa
If I was a mutant
I would have a power that came up high on the meter
I got flows that are fast like a cheetah
To the fans who know, I see ya'
Back in the day when I started
I had a heart in my chest cold like a freezer