In the heart of the night
Across mountains and precipices
They wandered to know the truth
The bard, the madman and the old priest
Were following that secret terrible sound

Echoes of drums in the night
Fear that grinds your heart and your soul
Watch out the invasion's near
Thousand shields and thousand swords

In the silence can you hear that roar
The rise of the power of almighty Rome
In the silence can you hear that roar
Coming in the night across the half moon path

Trembling with fear they started a restless run
To warn the chieves of the coming threat
But a cursed fate hung over their heads
Soon the way was lost

One by one they fall in to a nightmare
Evil spirits around the trees
Paralyzed by that awful visions
Their eyes saw the village burn

In the silence
In the night
Hundred warriors
Across the half moon path