Too bad who's waiting to see who'll leave
I do not think that you know 'bout him or her
You think you'll get your feelings hurt
Let me go
Aw, let me go
What's up with me
I can't believe I need to sleep with the heat
I gnash my teeth to fall asleep
Why can't you sleep?
Let me know
Aw, let me know
Too much to know
You say he'll knee-high me
I gave up control
You pass some coal
I got some coal
I gotta look before I go
Aw, before I go
In the backseat
My heart attacks me
When you ask me
Drinks won't relax me
Tell me what the facts be
They blew right past me
True audacity adds up
And attracts me
Well I think I'm gonna let it show
Aw, you gotta let it show
You put me out cuz I don't buy you nice things
You put me out cuz you ain't wearing my ring
And now I'm out because you, you put me out
And now I'm out, now I'm gonna shout out now
Hey hey-hey hey-hey
I can't take you for long