There's an empty spot in my bed tonight
Cause you don't live there anymore
Time can't take me away from your heart
But am I your last chore

Sweet harmonies still spinnin
Like a worn out record inside my head
And I cant listen to the same song
Think I'd find another one instead

Too late tonight
Here I come, goodbye
My mistake for who you were
Fallin' out of love with you
Follow up and say we're through
Goodbye to my whole world
Goodbye girl

Have a trip out to the lake house
Cant believe that I am here alone
Moonlights dancin' on the water
I swear [?] myself that I should move on


Things are good down here in Texas
Hope they're doing the same up in Tennessee
If I can't have you hell I don't want you
Coulda stuck around and now you're missing me