A storm is come 
One war of sun and rain - within me 
A raging storm 
Lost crossroads thundering - in the wind 
Dark and son 
Who's the only one 
To lay claim of me 
Altars of store 
Righteous temptations 
Here at my feet 

Give me love 
To rage in me can you see? 
Only love 
Is saving me 
Give me love, oh love 
That rage in me 

It rages on 
Of mourn and memories 
In the wind 
A warring storm 
My soul is bargaining - in the end 
Is there no sun? 
With only love in vain - and it's pain 
Hear me oh Lord 
Cleanse me evermore with 
Your blood of rain 

Holy war for my soul 
Scares of memories remain 
Oh, tell me why am I here 
Storms of crossroads are rage