A short walk to genius
A single step to insanity
Everything`s both of them
And I’m the one between.

Enjoy the silent nothingness
The greyness fading calm
Time is running by at least for you
The world stops spinning for a while.
A bittersweet pill
The beauty of sadness
Infesting your will
You’re passing the entrance
To my world...Melancholia

I can resist from my will turning into yours
I can avoid those state of regress
Come to my reign
Forever to be bound
Just for a while for a moment of vanity

Regret the inner nothingness
And all your deeds undone
Focus on the things you hate
Day by day until it calls you home

Expect eternal lethargy, an unproductive man
Learn to push yourself further and drown in the struggle within

Stuck in the past, hunting your shadows
no moment to last, to evermore