I'm not sleepin' the walls are down 
and your hands are icy cold 
under water thru che sound of fear 
comes a drowned and cold reply 
and the mist still hangs around the gallows
like the anger after the violent rain 
Die if you will die if you want to 
there's no mistake the ending is clean 
the fire is cold in the ashes of memory 
there's no escape from this hotel 
Like a child who lies to win
then eats of his own flesh 
holy water can't save you now 
you've hungered far too long 
and the words once spoken 
now ring hollow as the mind that 
shatters your flesh with nails 
I'm not sleepin' I'm alive for you 
you, you'll try again save yourself 
the dawn takes the night, the night takes the sun
the son takes your sins your sins can be cleansed 
No escape the ending is clean 
it doesn't have to be this way