[Music: De Feis/Pursino, Lyrics: De Feis]
I'm hot and I'm ready
Like a star in the night
Cold as ice
Quicker than sight
Yeah I'm wild and I'm mean
Like a lion deep in heat
You'll feel my love
A pounding beat-Yeah!
But what you don't see
You'll never own me
I hear the call of the wild...
I'm on fire, I'm on fire,
Strange desire
I'm on fire
I'm on fire, on fire- I'm hot!
My love is danger
Oh my love is steele
And I'm the vicious sting
A raging king, a diamond ring
And you're my meal
Yeah I'm a phantom of delight
I'll thrill you once
I'll thrill you twice
But when the first light- hits the sky
I will be gone- gone!
It's like I told you
I'll never be true
I hear the call of the wild...
You say you love me
Oh no you can't
My life is blazing
Burning fast-way too fast
Hey hey...