What up foe?
Maintainin', God
Damn, your ass been flexin' hard as hell, shorty. You got the Range? You ain't got no job
Listen here, nigga, don't say shit, aight? That nigga Vic left his Amex
Mothafuckas cracked his card
Yeah, what y'all get?
What didn't we get? PlayStation 4, AirBnBs, smart TVs, dumb TVs, ATVs, Air Force 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s and them ain't even out yet. 10 pairs of Gucci flip flops, a Gucci stroller, a Moncler for D-Block's dog. Bought a chain from his jeweler, studio time, a Young Chop beat, a Backwoods forever, Robin jeans, some jeans from a robin, bunch of birds - parrots, parakeets, gluten free Harold's, 10 gallons of mild sauce, a hundred long fashion shirts. And the crazy part is, we set it all up to make it look like that mothafucka did it