here we are to tell you again, the stories, the battles,
the quests, the people that lead us here!
That voice in the night that whisper to you,
a cause to carry on.
This unchecked will to looking for more,
to overcome your edge.

how many of you wants to learn more!
That meaning, that landscape, that smells,
you never reach before!
left in the dark all the artificial experience
We are simple man,and this is our neverending quest

Where is your aim and what is our way?
In the lightness of a laugh,
we find the force to play our game
We here not to teach, but we are here to learn!
Maybe it's too late, cause the life is a race,
But look for a place where you can feel the grace of time
To change your own path, to leave your edge behind!

We are talking about the size of the world,
The faces, the people you had to meet,
to say you know it all,
And don't permit to anyone to drive instead of you,
Start to belive, that you are the only crafter of your fate!

The music tonight will be our guide,
Tomorrow is still far away!
stand up and let, let dance with us
Togheter we sing and we laugh!