I lost the path, the sun has set
I don't know where I am, but the forest is guiding me
Like a son, I'm alone, what is going on?
Suddenly I look at you
Charmed by your motions
Lights and shadows dance with you
In a game of emotions, you wear just the wind
Drops of sea on your skin
Under your spell dance I'm still

The seasons will change with a sign of your hands
Rivers from the eyes and storms from your glance

Your dance rules the wild, and the clouds in the sky
Heart made of earth, I'm an addict of your dance

Bright night, dancing fight
Of your powerful grace in your smile
High sight, hidden knight
Deep inside a warrior's laying
One more time, still alive
Facing the craze of the human kind
Dance of hair, endless dare
You know what is right, and what is really care
You close your eyes, the dance goes on
Your arms are the scale, and we are the burdens
In your hands, as simple men, breathless we stand
Now your eyes look at us
(We're) rounded by your brightness
It's a call, the time is come, to join to your dances
"I'm your land, I'm your sea, infinite curiosity
What you deserve, what you need!"