I've been hanging in here every night
Since you've been gone
This old honky tonk has become
My home away from home.

I even got my favorite chair, it always sits right here
There by the jukebox where I don't feel so alone
Every time I put my money in I hear the saddest songs
My friends around the jukebox don't mind if I sing along.

So bury me in a jukebox when I die
Every time I think of her I get so lonesome I could cry
And it takes me up to heaven when they play made in heaven
Bury me in a jukebox when I die.

We used to have our favorite songs to listen too
Till I came home with no one home to come home too
Now I turn my radio on, there's all my favorite songs
Just like me they all lost someone just like you.

Those dj friends of mine are keeping me from dying
Knowing I don't hurt alone is what keeps me alive