I'm a wanderer and I wear the mask of mystery
 From a prisoner waiting for the last request
 When I got the will then I got the chance
 He said: certain mistakes of my fiends
 Make the wish fulfilled 

 Now – that – I – see – I – can – be – free
 I – will – give – you – all my pain 

 And I wish you were here
 I wish you fear – I wish you well
 And that you're burning there
 In hell instead of me 

 And I wish you were here I wish you amen
 I cause your all-inclusive pain 

 All the walls inside try to speak with me
 Beautify this spider's home
 Help the fly to rest in peace 

 Then I read a plan – kind of bleeding tattoo
 Out of words of a murderer
 Like pearls of insane dew 

 How can I see what he told me
 I try to listen to his pain and i 

 Wish you were here
 I wish you're near me I wish you well
 And that you're turning this my hell into a fane
 And I wish you were here
 Now I cut out my brain
 Before I'll try to understand – what you mean 

 And I follow all the traces
 To your long forgotten places
 In a ghost ship down the sea close to holy island
 Waits homicide for me... like on morphine
 I see all the eyeshots he had
 On his long requiem to the end 

 Why should I see what he wrote there for me
 In his message I hear poor victims plea
 I wish you where here
 I wish you well and that you're burning
 Here in hell instead of me
 And I wish you were here
 So give me all your prayers
 For the sins I have to pay 

 I work in I.C.P.O. (interpol)
 And some details show me
 Not the "plain type"
 Not the "gain type" of serial assassin
 He's not motivated by hedonism
 Untypical – no gilles de rais
 No bathory, not jack, so I got the suspicion
 He's a man with a clear sagacious mission