Brothers, sisters!
Now listen to me, just listen to me!
I shall lead you to the land of your dreams 
To the paradise, you have never seen before

Join my war and follow orders 
My legions, my army and my fate 
We crush all enemies, all the barbarians 
By steel, fire and overwhelming hate

Blood is so holy, pure and warm 
Fills my veins and feeds my mind 
Scarlet brings the power to my soul 
Lust and desire possess my mind

So brothers, sisters, no time to waste 
Prepare your weapons and your prayers 
It's time to win or time to die 
The final solution, the armageddon

Distant lands, the empire of sands 
Soil of treasure and desert of gold 
Guarded by demons and the false god 
City of holiness, desecrated

Join my army now!
Don't ask why or how!
Join my army now!

Join my army now!
Join me!!!

From emptiness I rise
Up to the skies
From pain I build my throne
Made of gold
From milion hopes and tears
I was born
Now I'll burn down
The world to the ground

So, join my army now!
Join my army now!
Join my army now!
Join me now!!!