Woe to you earth and sea
For the Devil sends the wrath with me
I am Fire and the sword of hell
And i Come to take my fee...now!
And there is no escape

No mercy here, just awe and fear
My breath is burning and i live no life at all
My demons roar upon the skies
I call the death himself
Fear me I rise!

Here I come, here I am
Knocking hard on your door
I am dominator, I am inseminator
Creator and destructor, angry god in your house
I come to take. Enslave and break.
In violence i will purge and burn you to the ground

Woe to you, oh living being
For the Devil sends the death with me
I am fearless in my madness
And I come to find you and catch you to burn
Terrorize! Terrorize!
Shock and Awe!