My eyes and ears
Still remember cries of agony and pain 
My innocence has gone for ever 
No dreams anymore,
Nightmares tear my brain

I escaped from hell
But my soul has burnt in fire
Does madness help to forget?
Such ocean of tears

The promised land 
Sounded like a hope to me 
Angels singing and smiling 
Bringing back my dreams and calm

Bring it back to me!

The paradise's fallen 
Human demons screeching around 
Better go to the void back 
To my mother war

Stop it now!
Can't stand that place anymore 
Just send me back!
To the place, where I belong
Send me home
To the pits of fire
Cut the rope
Send me back to hell

...Or push me down

Send me back 
Send me back to hell 
Send me back 
Send me...
Send me back to hell