Fear, decay and chaos 
Still plundering the globe 
All hate now mixed with hope 
Aggression uncontrolled

Cities burning bright around 
And panic reached the heavens 
Prayers and believers 
Now screaming for deliverance

Freedom blinds in pain 
Turning love to hate
Transmuting wine to blood 
In apocalyptic heat

Killing never stops
Killing is in us
Killing never helps
Not to forget no more regret

Hate leads to hate 
Perpetual revenge 
So atavistic lust 
Poisons our sanity

Hypnotized dead fleshes 
Dancing closer to the flame 
Like a moth in last attempt 
Of running fast into the light 
All consumed by the furnace hate 
And searching for the enemy
If you wanna live in peace 
Stay ready for the war

Is killing gonna stop?!
Is killing gonna ever stop 
To save us all?!