Milion human bodies 
Dirt, blood and fear 
No hope
Like rats in maze of pain 
Staring eyes and praying ghosts 
No god

Fog is falling down
When the sun is rising to the skies

Silence is like death 
The messenger of hell 
Coming soon
Distant voices and whispers 
Command to march ahead 
And die

Docs of war unleashed 
Adrenaline attacks the brains 
Approaching steel and wrath
So fearless, great and merciless rain

Lacerated heavens 
Keep spitting with blood 
Creeping fog taking breath away 
Corpses lie in the graves 
Steel death is flying blind 
Piercing skulls and bones in fury 
Just agony and cries 
Dancing shadows in the fire

Watch this fallen paradise 
Feel the end of days 
Your bones tread in hell 
Like million more will fade away 
In the iron reign

Sun is falling down
And darkness covers twisted hell

Iron reign rising 
Neverending realm of death 
Bloody feast on humanity 
And only dead can see the end 
Of this war

Only dead can see the end 
Of this war

Only dead will see the end 
Of war