Now I don’t want no explanation for your policy
The many page PDF of methodology
We can make the paper work like a bureaucracy
You print it out you fill it in you got to do it properly
Got form with the forms it’s a modern day odyssey
On hold again, speech recognition, listen!
I can’t say it any clearer damn, machine listen!
This is in the name of being efficient
Seems to me it’s just a cheap system. What would I know?
If there’s any human on the other end let me speak with em
Make me wonder how my grandma would’ve dealt with it
Even the younger generation say to hell with it
She probably would’ve tried to have a conversation with it
That's how it used to be so she’d be very patient with it
But connect her incorrectly she’ll be hatin’ on it
I don’t want to know the reason why you’re charging so much
Or your new surcharge from not charging enough
A healthy ignorance is often a must
You try to cut it out but I want to keep it off the cuff
I’m outty 5-thou and that’s what’s up

I sense some teething problems
Complaining ain’t gon’ stop em
No wonder everybody escaping
Is it too much to ask for patience
I’m not buggin’ I’m just shruggin’
Is it so wrong to want some time out?

You don’t know me cos I’m out of the loop
A little slow but I’ll catch up with you
No hating I’m just from another school
I was upfront now back in the queue
My pop says he got a déjà vu
The gap was a chasm that grew
Industrial revolution ends…
When will it end?
Better hit the ground running if you’re keep up with them
They’ll put a hole in your pocket if you’re gonna keep up with them
Forgive me I’m a little glazed over
Compromising my role with the monster
Just gotta gotta gain composure
Before I’m on the same page as you

Is it so wrong to want some time out?