Love lies bleeding, from the east now to the west 
I'm waiting to put your loving to the test 
(1) I need to know, I need to give 
I need to feel to breathe and live 
I'm cutting loose and I'm breaking out 
I'm goin' to leave you baby in no doubt 'cause 
(2) This will be my own revolution 
With a burning flag held high 
I will make my own constitution 
Till the day I die 
Sensations in every move that you ever make 
Revelations what you now give you can't take 
(1) Repeat 
(2) Repeat 
If hell is to give I'm wondering what I'm going to do 
And I just couldn't see, oh and how 
My feelings run hot and I just couldn't stop now 
(2) Repeat 
(2) Repeat 
(2) Repeat 
Till the day I die, till the day I die, till the day I die....