Well I'm down, face tomorrow 
I drown in this fool's sorrow 
I hear the lies, who I choose 
No alibis, never a trace I'm blue 
(1) Well I'm not so proud 
Baby I can see 
You take my money 
And you're laughing at me 
(2) (I ain't no clown) (Money money) 
And you're no debutante 
I wanna give 
How much do you want 
(3) Money 
Look what you've done to me 
Hope on a third degree 
You 're so dumb 
You got all the protection 
Number one 
But you only intend to clown 
(Repeat (3)) 
You're so cool 
Playing glamour glamour 
Full of school 
But still in emerald 
(Repeat (3)) 
(Repeat (1) ) 
(Repeat (1) (1)) 
Money money you think I can't see 
Take it all and you're laughing at me 
(Repeat (2) ) 
(Repeat (3) ' twice)