Sarah has her dreams and makes her plans 
To get what she wants when she can 
A little bit of heaven was all she asked for 
In the silent moments deep in the night 
She'd find herself make it feel all right 
Hungers for the bright light and something more 
With her young heart so gently beating 
A secret rendezvous love was meeting 
Out in the night, out in the night night night night 
Played on the radio, heard on the news 
Baby's gone lost they found her shoes 
You can turn out the light 
You better turn out the light 
(1) You go walking on the wild side 
Learn how to run 'cause you can't hide 
Better steel yourself away 
Another page, another day 
In your lonely heart 
Beating out in the dark 
Lonely heart 
And beneath the lights the rock 'n' roll band 
Electric guitars, one night stands 
Are you giving away, giving away 
With hungry and oh so desperate eyes 
The souls who get hurt believe in their lies 
You only betray only betray 
And now you cry yourself to sleep 
Against the odds you wanted to beat 
You never say no, never say no no no no 
Left with the promises that you swore 
The price you pay is the love you tore 
Now where did it go, where did it go 
(1) Repeat