There are secretes better left alone, like Pandora's 
Throw away the master key, high-tech fantasies
And the mystery of our history, stories been untold
Some words have been classified, hide the danger code
The scream to stop they silence, they're working on to 
Blindedy by their science they carry on the sin
Scream killers - Right and always wrong - Scream 
They are the scream killers- Always go too far - Scream 
(Never go too far)
Universal energy, the world is not enough
Science of insanity, 'n' one day time is up
And they all dismiss the reason why, playing with our 
Cast away the destiny, stop - or it's too late
Corruptible intruders seed the dragon's liar
Exposing generations, fall out's in the air
Scientific medding, technology unleashed
Microbiotic pahsing, the helix of the beast
Even if there is a master code deep inside withing
Follow nature's symphony, the only way to win
And the time has come to turn on the game, make your 
final choice
Listen to your heart and soul, mind the inner voice