It's all downhill from here
So bottle up your fear
Head's on a bit unsteady
I think you'd better steer
See, I'm north country bound
Gone, but still reknowned
May not see my face no more
So keep my picture out
Once there was a youth I led
A fallacy I chased
Got so used to them somehow
But now there's criminals in mine
Leading me to distress
I'm so lost, I best not get found
No, I'm much too weak to ride
Watch these hills on glide
Mama said I'm best off dead
Lord knows how hard I've tried
And chase my skull with clouds
Made my failure loud
Heard a teardrop hit the ground
Somewhere among the crowd
Still I'm restless for the bed
My tongue no longer tastes
Oh I'm dying and lay me down
If there's someone in my steer
Let him keep my place
Not sure how I'll long I'll stick around
There's a girl who knows my name
How I wish I could explain
Just tell her that she's at my side
And at hers I can't remain
See, I've seen salvation's yard
But every highwayman's been barred
Some cheap box wine to ease my mind
One, oh one's mighty hard
But baby, babe come hold my hand
There is no time to waste
You know I think I'm sinking down
But I doubt you've heard a word I said
Or looked into my face
Yes I'll see you next time around