I was daily growing
Dressed in red from head to toe
You were all the thought I was knowing

And the sun gave shine, no care the season
While I learned my one, two, three's and
You fell in to teach me treason

And now I spend my each day busy
Jumping on the monkey show
Jumping on the monkey show
Searching for a face I know

And I just walk for hours down the red-brick march of 
market street
Of market street
I spend my each days in repeat

And lady, she's all right with me
Done borrowed all my empathy
Now you know she got the best of me
'Cause she's not lying next to me

And all things fine, sweet day beginning
I got up and fell right in
Climbed up to where you was living

And you stood in the backdoor yawning
And I caught where you turns me on
You're the reason I wake each morning

And sunshine plays the puddles through the mornings 
evenings afternoons
Mornings evenings afternoons
I count my thoughts with coffee-spoons

And something reeks of heave 'neath the highway where 
the hobos sleep
Where the hobos sleep
And laugh about the pains I keep

And lady, she's a friend of mine
'Cause I know how to take my time
But I can't say that without lyin'
So I'll try not to try next time